Why & How?
It is 21st century and the AI solves many problems. So why use legacy methods instead of taking advantage of AI to collect feedback?

Easy to Use

It’s time to understand what charts mean via Stria’s clean, easy to use and understandable user interface. Say farewell to complex dashboards!


Powered by AI

Our goal is to provide an ecosystem carried out entirely by Artificial Intelligence to collect and understand feedback. Hence, we developed Sentiment and Emotion Analysis and there are many others on the our roadmap!



Stria is much cheaper and more talented than many products on the market. We must say that there are those who envy us in this respect. :) . Try it with always free plan now!


Don't Miss the Point

We don't want you to have to review each feedback one by one, nor to miss important ones. So we notify you if the Artificial Intelligence decides that the feedback is important!

How Stria Works?

Get started now. See how easy it is. Make your life easier!

Explore Features

Add a Domain

Add the domain from which you want to collect feedback, from the Dashboard.


Create Feedback Form

Go to Manage Domain and create a new Feedback Form. Give a name to it, specify the pages you want to collect feedback, select a template and customize it to suit yourself.


Place the Tracking Code

Get the Tracking Code from the Dashboard and place it on every page on your website.


Enjoy the AI 🎉🎉

View how positive or negative the feedback is, what emotions does the feedback involves and many more!