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Recomended for indie and freelance developers

All Features

1 Domain

1 Month History

Ticket Support

*No credit card required
For small company and professional developers

All Features

1 Domain

6 Months History

Ticket Support

*No credit card required
For professional companies

All Features

7 Domain

12 Months History

Ticket Support

*No credit card required
For enterprise purposes and agencies

All Features

Unlimited Domain

Unlimited History

Extended Support

*No credit card required

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What Do All Features Mean?

Every services and features Stria has are available for each single plan.
So that you can take advantage of Analysis, Analytics and Feedback tools completely.
You can make use of Artificial Intelligence powered
- Feedback Sentiment Analysis
- Feedback Emotion Analysis
And all the features that will be available soon.

What's Domain?

A domain states a website. If you have more than one website you’ll need to go for Pro or Enterprise Plans.
You are welcome to request more domain if you are a startup which has more than one domain within the same project. We are happy to stand with startups!

What's Feedback?

The number of feedback you can collect is limited. We offer different 'feedback collection amount', in different plans.
You can collect as much feedback as specified in your plan. If the number of feedback reaches the limit, Stria silently ignores new feedbacks.

What's History?

Stria stores all the analytics, feedback, analysis, reports, etc. only limited time as specified in your plan.
Any other questions?

We do not lock you into a long term contract. You're billed on a monthly/yearly basis and can cancel at anytime if you contact us. Prorations will be applied.

You pay on a monthly or yearly basis. You can upgrade at anytime and downgrade if contact us.

No problem, get in touch with us at and we'll be happy to help :)

We use Stripe, a worldwide accepted third-party payment processor to bill you through a payment account linked to your account with us. We accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club).

No because we have a full free plan. It's include all features. So you don't need a trial.

Yes! Just go to the account section of your dashboard and pick a plan.